Breast Implants Federal Way

Breast Implants Through Cosmetic Surgery for Federal Way Residents

Federal Way area residents looking to obtain fuller and enlarged breasts with the aid of breast implants and breast enhancement procedures now have a reliable name in the neighborhood.

Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center has been providing breast augmentation and breast enhancement procedures with the help of breast implants in the Federal Way, WA area.

We make sure that you are satisfied as a breast implants patient and therefore strive to expand our range of breast enhancement services in the Federal Way area. Depending on your needs, we give you a number of options in breast implants, including:

  • Saline implants
  • Silicone implants
  • Round implants
  • Smooth implants
  • Textured implants

While performing the breast enhancement surgery in the Federal Way area, we also prefer opting for temporary air filled breast implants. This helps us in understanding the capacities of your breasts and perform the breast augmentation better with permanent breast implants.

Breast Implant Surgery for Reshaping Federal Way Patients

The surgical placement of breast implants is termed as breast augmentation. We understand that breast enhancement is a personal choice and encourage you to contemplate on the reason for choosing it.

A breast augmentation procedure and the use of breast implants demands an individualistic approach. Depending on the Federal Way area patient, the various breast augmentation procedures include:

Breast-Augmentation-Bellevue-Area Breast Implants Federal Way
  • Breast enhancement
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast reshaping
  • Breast lift

A breast lift through breast implants is necessary for those who have drooping or slagging breasts. This situation cannot be taken care of by breast implants alone. It is thus recommended alongside the breast enhancement surgical procedure.

We make sure that we follow the individualistic breast implants plan set forth for you. All breast implant and breast enhancement procedures in the Federal Way area are done with the aid of the safest techniques.

Breast Enhancement Surgical Procedures for Federal Way Clients

Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center has been serving the Federal Way area with breast implants and breast enhancement services since 1991. Headed by Dr. Partington, our team of breast enhancement experts in the Federal Way area has garnered an unabashed reputation in the field.

In order to ensure that your breast implants feel that much better, we offer:

  • An experienced team
  • A dedicated staff
  • A number of financial options
  • Post-surgical guidance

We choose to avoid anesthesia while adding breast implants during the breast augmentation surgery. Instead, all our breast enhancement patients are given the much safer twilight sleep.

Make an appointment for breast augmentation and get your breast implants today. Call us in the Federal Way area at 425-605-5499.

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Dr. Marshall T. Partington MD, F.A.C.S. is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving patients in the Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland areas. Dr. Partington is known for his cutting edge surgical techniques to deliver natural-looking results to his patients. Dr. Partington views each person and their story as a new journey with a very specific and unique objective. The happiness and gratitude of our patients is his greatest reward of all.

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