Micro Needling Lake Forest Park, WA

If you’re looking for long-term skin rejuvenation treatment in the Lake Forest Park, WA area, Partington Plastic Surgery is the place for you. From Environ skin care to micro needling, we raise skin rejuvenation to another level.

The premise of micro needling is to kick start your body’s natural healing abilities. Whether you’re as far away as Abu Dhabi or as near as the Lake Forest Park area, micro needling stimulates natural skin rejuvenation. Micro needling treatment targets:

  • Damaged skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmented skin (like freckles or scars)

Micro needling is a quick, slightly invasive skin rejuvenation option for Lake Forest Park area residents. Creams like the Environ skin care line take much more time and cost much more than micro needling.

Micro needling is a safe treatment for Lake Forest Park area residents. However, micro needling is not for everyone.

Environ Skin Care Line for Lake Forest Park Area Men and Women

As effective as micro needling is, it doesn’t feel great until up to 6 weeks after the final procedure. Environ skin care products add up financially over time, but are fantastic for long-term skin rejuvenation.

Environ skin care is some of the best skin rejuvenation creams out there. The promise behind Environ skin care products is to “be two generations ahead” of their competitors. We have found Environ skin care tends to:

  • Have modern and cutting-edge ingredients
  • Meet the needs of all kinds of skins
  • Heal a variety of conditions
  • Return and maintain the glow of youthful skin

If Lake Forest Park area patients are afraid to commit to micro needling, Environ skin care products are the superior alternative.

Why Should Lake Forest Park Area Residents Choose Our Skin Rejuvenation Methods?

We’ve described the power of Environ skin care and micro needling, but those aren’t the only skin rejuvenation treatments available to Lake Forest Park area residents. While Environ skin care is fantastic for effective skin rejuvenation, we work on an individual basis for the Lake Forest Park area.

Environ skin care might be right for you, but it might not. We are committed to ensuring that you get the best skin rejuvenation possible from us. We offer other skin creams in addition to Environ skin care products.

We will:

  • Personalize your treatment
  • Involve you in almost every step of the process
  • Allow you to help direct the treatment

We can’t promise perfection to our Lake Forest Park area patients, but we can promise personalized skin rejuvenation treatment. Call us today to set up a skin rejuvenation appointment for the Lake Forest Park area!

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