Get the Facts About Medical Needling for Lip Lines

By on November 14, 2017 in Medical Needling

Medical needling is a nonsurgical option for treatment of wrinkles and lines in the upper lip. Medical needling uses a tool with many fine needles that puncture the skin to promote new collagen growth. The treatment has been gaining in popularity because of its quick process and lasting results! There are a few facts about medical needling that you should know if you’re considering treatment for your upper lip lines.

There is no Scarring

For skin to look good and have a smooth texture, the epidermis needs to stay intact. Medical needling uses a needle so small that it does not damage the epidermis. Instead, a tiny puncture is created in the papillary dermis (the layer below the epidermis). Each microscopic puncture from the needles creates a release of platelets that stimulate collagen growth and elastin beneath the skin. Because the epidermis remains virtually intact, normal collagen is recreated instead of scar collagen. This results in the growth of new, strong skin with no scarring.

Effectiveness Varies

Like any other procedure, the effectiveness will vary from person to person. With medical needling, more effective results were found in those who have minor to moderate lip lines. Those with more severe lip lines can see improvement but might need several more sessions to get noticeable results.

Results Take Time

Unlike other treatments that show immediate results, this one requires some patience! This is because medical needling works deep beneath the skin to promote new collagen growth. It could take three to six skin cycles to begin seeing the results of your treatment with medical needling. Although the results take more time to show, they often last much longer than other wrinkles treatments.

If you’re ready to treat your wrinkles with medical needling for smoother, younger looking skin, contact our office today!

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