Liposuction Review

June 5, 2012
My name is Christine and I am 40 years old. This is a testimony of my recent experience under the care of Dr. Marshall Partington for liposuction in 5 areas at one time: the upper abs; lower abs; back bra role; hips; and waist.

If you’ve already made the decision to treat a problem area with plastic surgery, you know there are risks involved and if you’re having multiple areas done like me, you’re probably even more worried about those risks and the downtime required to recover.

Once I made the decision to proceed, I realized that the costs were competitive across the board, the tools and instruments were similar if not the same, the O.R. was going to be sterile regardless, and I was going to feel some pain no matter what proven and reputable agency I used.

So for me, the major difference would be found in the doctor I chose. How was I going to relieve some of that worry, anxiety, and nervousness yet still get the most desirable results from this procedure and for my investment?

For the most desirable results I was seeking, I knew I wanted a Plastic Surgeon instead of a Cosmetic Surgeon. Respectively, I’m sure there are a lot of great Cosmetic Surgeons out there but I knew I wanted someone with the wisdom, experience, and accreditations that come with being a certified Plastic Surgeon. My research told me that cosmetic surgery was a subset of plastic surgery (or a set within a larger set). I learned that plastic surgery can be divided into two main categories: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Because I was having multiple areas done and because I had a substantial amount of fat to be removed, I knew I wanted the “larger set” of experience and perhaps I was even secretly hoping for “reconstruction” of a lifelong problem area. If body contouring is an art, I wanted an artist who specialized in fine art as a whole – not just one particular art form or category. My apologies to any Cosmetic Surgeons I may have offended but this is just my personal preference.

For relief of the worry, anxiety, and nervousness I was experiencing, I knew I wanted a Doctor who was straightforward with a calming bedside manner. I was excited the week before my procedure but that excitement quickly turned into tension as the treatment date was fast approaching. I had read the profile and curriculum vitae of Dr. Partington and besides his accreditations, awards, and accolades, I specifically noted that he likes to “build caring professional relationships with patients, based on communication and sensitivity” and that he is “compassionate, understanding, and committed to excellence.” I also noticed his services were much sought after and I couldn’t find a single negative review of him anywhere online. On my way to the pre-op appointment the night before the procedure, I almost wanted to back out but after I met with Dr. Partington, I found myself totally at ease and completely reassured that I was in good hands and everything was going to be okay. That helped me a lot and allowed me to start the procedure the next day in a much healthier and calmer state of mind.
In my experience, Dr. Partington was the perfect combination of what the two most important factors were for me in this decision. I have no regrets and although I’m only on day 4 of my recovery and still swollen, I’m healing quite fast and can already see such a significant difference in my appearance. I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks bring and I’m so glad I went through the experience to get to the reward on the other side because after all, the pain was manageable.

To Dr. Partington: a million thank you’s for your professionalism, expertise, and personable qualities – they were all so much appreciated. I found it very easy to relate to you and it was truly a pleasure having you as my Plastic Surgeon for this procedure. I’m so grateful to you for the new and improved shape which will inevitably lead to a new and improved lifestyle and after what you told me about what smoking does to your skin, I promise I’ll quit smoking too J. Thanks again and all the best to you and your practice in the future!


Christine | Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Weight Loss Plastic Surgery Review

Dear Dr. Marshall T Partington and Staff,

Subject: The highest quality of service and professionalism.

My name is Eric Smith and I am a bus driver for the music business. I live a life of constant travel with tight deadlines and constant pressure. Some days getting little sleep before traveling thousands of miles. It left me with mot much ME time. So instead of exercising or eating right I did what many of us do, opt for quick and easy. Grab a burger or pizza or whatever you could find and then watch some boob tube and sleep. I managed this life style till I became sick of feeling so miserable. I looked at all my options and discovered I could get a Lap band that would restrict my food intake with minimal risk comparable to other options. So at 405 lbs I decided to take the best step of my life. It wasn’t easy and it took nearly two and a half years but I lost 140 lbs. Left feeling much better not to mention healthier. I have a renewed feeling eating to live and not living to eat. Suddenly it wasn’t a drag to walk somewhere instead of drive or take a cab. I now was met with a new challenge.

When entertaining the idea of having what is now “extra” skin removed after losing 140lbs, one might do some research. I grabbed the advice of my original surgeon Dr. William Neal of Pacific Surgical Weight Loss Center, PLLC. He knew of one man who was doing amazing things in Plastic Surgery for weight loss patients. I called the number when I knew I would be coming through Seattle on tour. My appointment was convenient and I was welcomed with a warm and caring manner immediately upon arrival. I was then introduced to the staff and was greeted by Dr. Partington in person. He gave me some definitions of what Plastic Surgery is, and interpretations of the Artwork.

I was never overwhelmed or made to feel awkward. I felt like I was with a friend. He read me very well and knew what I wanted with little explanation. We talked about many different methods and several different routes we could go. I must have talked with him for a hour and a half. I walked out the door that day with a new bounce in my step knowing that what I wanted so badly was not at all out of reach.

I decided, after looking over the two plans to go with the Lower Body Lift with Medial Thigh Lift. This would give me the look that I dreamed of with all my weight loss effort. I was given all my pre and post-surgery care over long phone calls while on the road. They tailored the entire experience to my schedule and my needs without hesitation. They even sent all the information that I needed to my house well in advance.

The day of surgery, which I might add was Dr.Partington’s birthday, went without a hitch. I was treated with absolute care and comfort and it was really like a dream. I was prepared and left with plenty medications to stay comfortable and in low pain during my long recovery. It is important to have a good understanding of what your body is going through and what to expect.

With Partington Plastic Surgery I got every bit of that. I am proud to have had the experience. I am even happier that I made a great friendship with his friendly and caring staff. Thank you so very much from the “new bottom” of my heart.


“I wanted to share my wonderful experience at the Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. Surgery is something that always had me nervous. It’s probably the reason I waited so long to finally get breast augmentation. Thanks to the great staff at Partington, I felt very comfortable from consultation day. The whole process was explained in great details. I had my surgery on a Monday. I was able to go out to dinner on Tuesday and to a concert on Wednesday. I am absolutely ecstatic about my breasts! I am so happy with the size, the shape, and the way they feel! I had a few days of soreness, but I was actually back to work after 4 days. Doctor Partington and the entire staff were fantastic! They took great care of me and my gorgeous breasts! Thank you so much!!!”

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