Healthy & Beautiful Skin for a Lifetime

What skin cosmetics work?

In an overwhelming sea of cosmetic products and services offering the “Fountain of Youth,” how do we know what really works? The American consumer is bombarded with marketing campaigns about the latest and greatest beauty products and treatments. But, what are the real experts saying, and this is not Dr. Oz, or Dr. Ordon.

What are our goals?

  • Correction of Healthy Skin
  • Maintenance of Healthy Skin
  • Delay of Skin Aging (Forever Young BBL™)

What are the true experts saying?

“Currently, Broad Band Light is the most powerful and effective tool we have available for reversing photo-damage and delaying skin aging. In my opinion, no skin care product, Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, supplements or vitamins can improve the appearance of aged skin to the degree that Broad Band Light is capable.”

Current BBL and IPL technology has the ability to repair the appearance of aged skin, delay and help prevent signs of skin aging, and may reduce the risk of skin cancer over one’s lifetime.”

Patrick Bitter, Jr. MD, FAAD 2014

What are we talking about at Partington Plastic Surgery?

Natural Skin Rejuvenation that is healthy, sustainable and long term. Also we are rethinking burning and wounding the skin to achieve cosmetic improvements.

The Tortoise Won the Race Not the Hare! Sun protection, vitamin A, antioxidants and the right use of hydroxyl acids in a daily skin care regimen can take years off your appearance and keep you forever young!

Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy

. Environ’s newest generation of Vitamin A and antioxidants products formulated by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Des Fernandes, delivers all these essentials without the typical adverse side effects and costs. Stated to aim-to correct the chronic deficiency of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential nutrients of the skin without the use of “fashionable” ingredients. Environ formulations contain maximum permissible level of vitamin A, includes several forms of vitamin C, and does not promote harsh physical exfoliation.

Anti-Aging Treatment Options

Rejuvenation for the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs! Whatever bothers you we can help you with!

  • BBL, SkinTyte, Microneedling, LED’s, Environ’s Cool PeelsUsing BBL & LED in alternating series normally provides more effective results than the use of each method on its own. However, there are specific techniques and protocols required to achieve optimal results. The most effective treatments combine LED, BBL Forever Young™, mild peels (lactic and low level TCA) and home skin care products that contain the following in significant concentrations: vitamins A and C, antioxidants, peptides, and growth factors.

Truth or consequences? Fact from fiction in skin care!

MYTH: Higher SPF ratings are better.
SPF ratings have been revised by the FDA because they only refer to protection from UVB rays. One needs sun protection that has chemical and physical blockers, plus antioxidants. A higher SPF also gives a false sense of security and introduces potentially more harmful chemicals to one’s body. Plus, SPF 50 is only marginally more protective than SPF 15. Sunscreens need to be reapplied every 90-120 minutes.

MYTH: Age Spots are always sun induced.
Age spots can result from poor cell functioning. When skin cells are no longer able to keep up repair, they develop a “sludge” type staining that is not sun inducted. Using products that help the skin cell function optimally will stave off these “liver” spots.

MYTH: Natural or organic products are always better.
Many organic and natural products are not as they claim. In most cases, active ingredients need to be synthesized to be efficient and bio available to take in. Synthetic compounds are made to work the same as those found naturally, and can even be more effective. In short it is necessary to say, not all chemicals are bad and not all organic ingredients are good.

MYTH: There is one antioxidant ingredient that is best.
Every year there is a new antioxidant on the market that is acclaimed the best for your skin. Not true. A combination of antioxidants provides more effective results than just one. Look for products that contain a large amount of antioxidants.

MYTH: The only form of vitamin C that works is L-ascorbic acid.
What is the color of L-ascorbic acid? It is clear, the color of water. L-ascorbic acid only remains in its most potent state for a limited time. Therefore, choose a form that is not water based, which means they can better penetrate into the skin and remain potent and effective for longer periods of time.

MYTH: If there is no visible peeling after a chemical peel, I am not getting a “good” result.
The skin does not need to “physically” peel in order to experience the benefit of a chemical peel; everyone’s experience will be unique and different. These days we recognize the importance of a healthy skin barrier and the skin cells of the epidermis are vital to a youthful, healthy appearance. We want to stimulate a gentler cell turnover process, while minimizing barrier damage.


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