Breast Lift

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift repositions the nipples and tightens the surrounding tissue to reshape, lift, and firm the breast. It can be performed for many reasons such as to address sagging and uneven breasts, decreased breast volume and drooping nipples, and stretched areolas (the darker area surrounding the nipples). Undergoing a breast lift procedure can bring your body back to its youthful appearance. You may consider this breast procedure after pregnancy, nursing, gravity changes, weight gain or loss, normal aging, and heredity that have taken a toll on the shape of your breasts.

The Procedure

A breast lift can be performed under general anesthesia. Many factors will determine the location of the incisions and resulting scars. These factors include your breast size and shape, areola size and position, degree of breast sagging, skin quality, and elasticity. There are a number of different incision patterns tailored to your specific needs.

The Recovery

Immediately after surgery, you can expect to be bandaged and to wear a surgical bra. Some pain along with redness and swelling is to be expected and is well controlled by our physicians.

It is also very important that you follow all patient care instructions. Time for recovery varies greatly from person to person. Healing is progressive with most patients returning to work within a week. Your surgeon will provide information about common side effects that may occur such as bruising, numbness, or changes in nipple sensitivity, itching around incision sites, and increased firmness or fullness in the breast tissue.

Breast Lift FAQs

  • Is a Breast Lift covered by insurance?

    Most health insurance plans do not cover breast lifts, as they are considered a cosmetic procedure. Occasionally, a breast lift may be covered by insurance if it is part of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

  • Do I need a Breast Lift or just implants?

    If you wish to increase the size of your breast, you may consider augmentation with implants or fat transfer. This and more can be readily covered in your consult! A breast lift, however, raises the existing breast tissue to a higher position, which is beneficial especially for patients whose nipples fall below the breast fold. For some patients, a breast lift and implants can be combined.

  • Do you lose sensation with a breast lift?

    It is possible to lose sensation after a breast lift. This effect may be temporary, and many patients do not experience loss of sensation at all.

  • Do you still have feeling in your nipples after a Breast Lift?

    Although some patients experience a temporary loss in nipple sensitivity following breast surgery, this almost always returns as the site heals.

  • Does a Breast Lift leave scars?

    Any surgical procedure involving incisions will result in some degree of scarring. By being meticulous about his incision and suturing technique, Dr. Partington can create the minimal amount of scarring possible from breast lift surgery.

  • How long is the procedure?

    Dr. Partington takes as much time as he needs to artfully complete each surgery. A breast lift typically takes 3.5-4 hours.


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