Micro Needling – Mechanical Fraxel

Micro Needling – Mechanical Fraxel

Micro needling, “Vampire Facial,” was featured recently on Good Morning America and The View as the latest craze in the aesthetics’ industry for its safe and effective rejuvenation properties. Micro needling is a fantastic treatment with big benefits, good safety profile and minimal downtime. It is known to refine pores, stimulate collagen/elastin production, remove scars and firm up the skin.

Micro needling can also be referred to as “Mechanical Fraxel,” literally, a non-heat based, multiple fine needles creating micro zones in skin with efforts to initiate the wound healing process without injuring the epidermis. As a result, the body immediately responds by increasing the formation of new tissue to refresh mature skin, as well as release growth factors that promote wrinkle and scar repair. The self repairing property of the skin is 100% natural of skin renewal from the inside out.

Skin Rejuvenation Through Micro Needling

This procedure has become more popular, and you are seeing ads for the service all over the internet and on TV. It is worth your time to do a little investigating before scheduling your micro needling appointment with ‘just anyone’.

1. Determine ‘who and where’ the person performing the micro needling procedure received their training, (other than the training the device company offers).
2. Do they have a Master Certification in WA State?
3. How long have they been providing micro needling services?
4. What do their treatment protocols specify for pre-treatment of the skin?
5. What is their recommended frequency of treatments?
6. How do they combine other modalities with micro needling, such as laser or radio frequency?
7. What is topically applied during and 12 hours post treatment?
8. If they are promoting micro needling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)? What is the opinion of the physician who wrote the only book on medical micro needling say about PRP?
9. Are they in an office that is overseen by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons? If not, who is overseeing their procedures?

Micro needling is a beautiful treatment to have any time during the year, and if you begin your treatments 1 month before a special event you will be red-carpet-ready! This procedure combined with our SkinTyte service makes for one effective, luxurious treatment that will have your friends saying, ‘Your skin looks so amazing”!

Environ Skin Care Treatments

Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center is the only clinic in Washington State to carry the medical skin care line, Environ, which is created by the physician who developed and did the clinical trials for micro needling in the early 1990’s !!

We are exclusive to both the micro needling expertise and the Environ products.

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