Breast Implant Revision

What is Breast Implant Revision?

Our goal at Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center is to help you achieve the most outstanding, natural-looking results, while making the entire procedure process as comfortable as possible. Breast implant revision surgery often involves the removal or replacement of a saline or silicone implant. This procedure is performed to change the type or size of your implants and correct any issues from your previous breast augmentation.

Reasons to Consider Breast Implant Revision

  • Change implant size or shape
  • Capsular contracture, or tightening of scar tissue around the implant
  • Implants have moved position
  • Saline breast implants have deflated or silicone implant has a shell leak
  • Breast tissue changes because of weight loss/gain

The Procedure

The exact procedure at our Kirkland, Washington office will be determined based on the various reasons of your breast revision. An initial consultation with Dr. Partington is necessary to determine the best course of action.

Change implant size:

If you want to change your implant size, the surgeon can use the original incision for implant removal and replacement with a more desirable implant.

Capsular contracture:

Your surgeon can use the same incision to remove the thickened capsule and implant and then insert a new implant, correcting the capsular contracture issue.

Implant malposition:

Sometimes implants are too close or far apart, which results in asymmetrical or poorly proportioned breasts. Your surgeon will alter the scar tissue surrounding the implant and reconstruct the pocket it sits in for a more appealing position using suturing techniques.

Implant removal:

If you are unhappy with your breast implants, your surgeon may recommend a complete removal and breast lift to enhance your natural breast shape again.

The Recovery

Depending on your specific procedure, recovery time varies from patient to patient. After your surgery, your surgeon will give you detailed instructions about aftercare, which includes information about drains, symptoms, and potential signs of complications. Discomfort and recovery time may be similar to your primary breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Revision FAQs

  • Can Breast Implants be reduced in size?

    Patients can have a revision breast augmentation to reduce the size of their implants if they choose. Usually, its recommended to wait at least a year from your initial breast augmentation before choosing to have a second surgery.

  • Can Breast Implants be removed and not replaced?

    Yes, you may remove your breast implants without replacing them with new ones.

  • Can Breast Implants change shape over time?

    Its possible for the breasts to change shape over time even you have breast implants. If the implants change shape significantly over a period of a day or two, this can be a sign of implant rupture, which must be addressed surgically.


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