Medical Skin Care Services

Medical Skin Care Services

Your skin care is a very important aspect to looking and feeling your best.

At Partington Plastic Surgery Center we routinely provide clinical skin care and body services that are medically applicable and that truly enhance your pre and post surgical goals. We have sought after and carry the very best prescription and clinical based skin care lines in the industry which include Obagi, and Latisse.

We offer a wide range of services that will improve, enhance and maintain your overall goals. Our services include facial and body peels, as well as laser treatments and non-ablative treatments.


There are as many types of Laser procedures as there are Clinical Peels. Like Clinical Peels, some lasers are more aggressive than others. Laser machines in general are more advanced and have gained in popularity in the last decade. Lasers vary dramatically in there aggressiveness. Some lasers are non-ablative (they do not break the skin) and some are mildly ablative and still, others are very ablative. Lasers today can treat everything from hair, acne, wrinkles, rosacea, capillaries, sun damage and freckles to skin tags and more.

A thorough consultation can provide you with specific information just for you about which non-surgical procedures may be best for you. Our responsibility is to fully understand your desires and concerns so we can formulate your best options.

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To begin your skin care regimen please contact us to schedule your complimentary skin evaluation.


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