Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal

For those who wish to remove their breast implants from a previous breast augmentation or reconstruction, the procedure can get implant removal surgery. Whether this is for cosmetic reasons or medical. Dr. Partington at Partington Plastic Surgery is an experienced explant surgeon who has helped many patients feel great about themselves. He understands that some people feel more confident without breast implants. Another reason that people need explant surgery is that scar tissue that forms around the implant can cause pain and discomfort. This is called capsular contracture. About 30% of breast augmentation patients experience this at some point. Dr. Partington will talk with you about the reasons for wanting the explant surgery.

How Does Explant Surgery Work?

The explant surgery is a pretty straightforward procedure. This can be done under general anesthesia with Dr. Partington. This is an outpatient procedure, so patients can return home the same day. During the surgery, Dr. Partington will remove the implant as well as any scar tissue that has formed around the implants. This is called a capsulectomy. It is the surgical removal of scar tissue or capsule around the breast implant. This is an important reason to seek out an experienced explant surgeon like Dr. Partington. Experienced, skilled surgeons will be able to remove all of the scar tissue that has formed. Dr. Partington is one of three surgeons in Washington who can perform this procedure.

Breast Implant Removal FAQs

  • Can breast implants cause autoimmune disease?

    It’s possible that breast implants can cause an increased risk for developing autoimmune diseases or allergies. This is primarily a concern for patients who are already predisposed to autoimmune disorders or allergies, so its important to carefully review your health history with your plastic surgeon before choosing breast augmentation.

  • Can breast implants cause cellulitis?

    Cellulitis, an infection in the skin of the breasts, can occur after a breast augmentation, which is why its crucial to choose a trustworthy plastic surgeon and follow their directions carefully after surgery.

  • Can breast implants cause pain years later?

    Pain in breast implants years after your surgery can be a sign of breast implant illness or BIA-CL, a rare but serious complication. If you have symptoms of this issue, contact your plastic surgeon or primary care doctor as soon as possible.

  • Can breast implants last a lifetime?

    No. Although they are designed to be long-lasting, all breast implants will need to be removed at some point. This can be due to complications like capsular contracture or simply because the person no longer wants the implants.

  • Can you get your breast implants removed?

    Yes, breast implant removal is a very safe and effective procedure for people who experience complications or simply desire a different body shape.

  • Do breast implants cause health problems?

    As the most studied medical device on the planet, there is little conclusive evidence that breast implants of any type cause serious health problems. There are risks with every surgical procedure, but when performed by a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Partington, the procedure is very safe.

  • How do you know if my implants are leaking?

    If you suddenly notice a change in breast appearance or feel, this could be a sign that your implant is leaking. Saline implants will cause a deflated appearance, while silicone ones will change the breast shape and make it feel firmer.

  • Do breast implants sag over time?

    Through the aging process, the elasticity of breast skin declines, making it more likely that breasts will start to sag, especially if using a large implant.

Who is a Good Candidate for Explant Surgery?

Women who have undergone previous breast augmentation or reconstruction procedures can get implant removal surgery. Most often, patients get this surgery because they’ve had a change of heart when it comes to their implant size, shape, and looks. Other times, women start to feel pain and discomfort because of scar tissue that is forming around the implant. Talk to Dr. Partington about the implant removal procedure and capsulectomy if you have scar tissue.

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