For over thirty years, Dr. Partington has continued to find meaning in volunteering. Dr. Partington uses his expertise, healthcare research, and education in many volunteer opportunities across the world.

His wide range of surgery involves first, administering anesthetic agents, and then addressing the patient’s medical concerns through surgery, and postoperative care ensuring proper healing of the body and blood vessels.

Whether his work involves addressing diseased tissue, helping burn patients, or providing surgery for cleft pallet patients, Dr. Partington and his surgical team are here to help you.

ReSurge International

Since 1991, Dr. Partington has shared ReSurge’s commitment to providing reconstructive surgical care in developing countries around the world including: 

  • China
  • Mongolia
  • Philippines
  • Nepal
  • India
  • Paraguay
  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia
  • Mali

Healing the Children

Dr. Partington is the Director of HTC / Seattle, “Healing children around the corner and around the world”.

Rotary of the Pacific Northwest Ending Sex Trafficking

Dr. Partington is a founding member of the Rotary of the Pacific Northwest Ending Sex Trafficking.

Operation Unbound

Dr. Partington is the Founder of Operation Unbound, Freedom from the Branding of Slavery, supplying free laser tattoo removal for survivors of sex trafficking. This can help young individuals or older adults pursue a normal life, after they struggle with trafficking. This can also remove reminders of their past from their bodies.

Voluntary Surgery

Dr. Partington goes overseas almost every year and does volunteer surgery on burn patients and cleft lip and pallet patients.

Providing overseas patients with modern surgery helps put them into a normal position in their communities. This support is not always available in their communities and hospitals. Without this care, other diseases can arise from open burn wounds.

The Mabinti Centre

What is Fistula Surgery?

The Mabinti Centre helps women in recovery from fistula surgery. Fistula is a childbirth-related injury that occurs in women who have experienced obstructed labor or prolonged labor without medical intervention.

What Does Fistula Affect?

Women with fistula struggle with chronic incontinence and around 90% of women lose their child during birth.

These women often are abandoned by family and loved ones and are forced to create a life of their own in isolation.

What Does the Mabinti Centre Provide?

At the Mabinti Centre, women can receive entrepreneurial training education, and vocational skills. Individuals who have endured the program are offered employment at the center.

How to Support to Mabinti Centre

The women at the center make homemade bags, accessories, and toys. Income generated from the sales goes towards helping more women suffering from fistula.


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