Labiaplasty – Is It The Right Rejuvenation Process For You?

By on August 04, 2015 in Labiaplasty

Today’s women are increasingly looking for options of vaginal rejuvenation. There are several options available for the tightening of the vagina. including a labiaplasty.

A labiaplasty is often combined with vaginoplasty, since it serves to change the size or the shape of the labia. Surgery can be performed on the labia major or the labia minor, which are the outer and inner lips of the vagina. The surgery usually brings about symmetry and makes the vaginal lips smaller for a more aesthetic appearance.

Before you decide whether you require labiaplasty or not, it is important to understand the difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. While cosmetic surgery is purely for aesthetic purposes, reconstructive surgery enhances the functioning of a body part.

Vaginoplasty remains a reconstructive procedure, which tightens a ‘loose’ vagina and as claimed by various surgeons, also heightens sexual response. Labiaplasty, on the other hand, is a purely cosmetic procedure. For those women who have lost assurance due to large vaginal lips or even lost interest in sexual intercourse, this procedure may help you regain your confidence.

If you are feeling less confident due to the formation of your labia and find either the size or shape not pleasing, labiaplasty may be the procedure for you. Pricing for Labiaplasty ranges from $3500-$5,000 and is performed at our onsite ASC. To learn more about your options, and to determine if labiaplasty is the right procedure for you, please consult with Dr. Partington, a labiaplasty expert.

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