Navigating the Maze: Tips for Finding a Qualified Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

By Dr. Marshall T. Partington on September 05, 2023 in Plastic Surgery

What is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

A board-certified Plastic Surgeon is a surgeon who has undergone plastic surgery residency and training, making them qualified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Ensuring your surgeon is certified vouches for the extensive training they endured to become a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgery education typically takes 16 years of studies after high school, including reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery training. Board-certified plastic surgeons must meet demanding conditions and pass a two-day oral and written exam. The thorough education of a board-certified plastic surgeon tests their knowledge, ethics, safety procedures, and effectiveness.

Why Does Board Certification Matter?

Board certification is a proven tool for determining the expertise of your surgeon. Board-certified plastic surgeons display their desire to practice at the top of their profession by undergoing extensive training and obtaining a certification, showing their commitment to their field. Board certification is an important step that doctors take to demonstrate that they know the latest advancements in their specialty. This signifies that a doctor is specialized in their field and is constantly staying up to date through learning and training.

How to Know if a Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified

If you are curious about your doctor’s board certification, you can look at their background on their website or check their credentials on the medical board they are a part of.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery has an extensive list of board-certified plastic surgeons that you can search for on their website.

If you want to contact the American Board of Surgery, call their office at 215-568-4000 to receive verification. It is essential to know the surgeon’s full name before calling. Phone inquiries are limited to five verifications per phone call daily.

What is the Difference Between a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon?

Both board-certified cosmetic surgeons and board-certified plastic surgeons enhance a patient’s body. However, they receive different levels of training, impacting their research and surgery goals.

Cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing the appearance of an individual, while plastic surgery focuses on repairing and reconstructing the appearance and function of the patient.

Cosmetic surgeons are only allowed to perform cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, and plastic surgeons are allowed to perform various procedures beyond cosmetic categories.

Training for the American Board of Plastic Surgery revolves around six categories: cosmetic surgery, disorders, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery, and congenital defect repair. Training for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery has five categories: tummy tuck, breast surgery, face surgery, liposuction, and other cosmetic surgeries.

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