Micro Needling Capitol Hill, WA

Micro needling is a form of skin rejuvenation, also known as collagen induction therapy. This form of skin rejuvenation is a minimally invasive procedure that stimulates the body’s own collagen production.

If you are a resident of Capitol Hill and surrounding area, searching for an effective and safe skin rejuvenation treatment, we encourage you to consider micro needling. It is effectively used for:

• Reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles with micro needling • Tightening sagging skin with micro needling • Fading of stretch marks with micro needling

We also recommend the use of Environ® topical skin care products that have high level doses of vitamin A for application directly following micro needling that are absorbed at a deep skin level creating more effective micro needling treatments.

We invite you to consult with our medical professional experts serving the Capitol Hill and surrounding area to learn more about the effectiveness of micro needling skin rejuvenation treatments and Environ® skin care products. 425-605-5499

Environ® Skin Care Line for Men and Women

We use Environ® skin care products following our micro needling therapy treatments for effective skin rejuvenation.

Environ® contains high level doses of vitamin A which is the single most important ingredient in repairing damaged skin.

This exceptional Environ® skin care line emerged following more than 20 years of extensive research and development. Environ® is the skin care and skin rejuvenation product line preferred world-wide by consumers, used in our medical facility, and available to men and women in the Capitol Hill and surrounding area.

So if you are searching for an effective skin rejuvenation product to delay the effects of skin aging we welcome the opportunity of introducing residents of the Capitol Hill and surrounding area to Environ® skin care products.

Why Should Capitol Hill Residents Choose Our Skin Rejuvenation Methods?

A simple answer is that we have a successful history of skin rejuvenation methods and effective results.

We have already covered the principles and benefits of micro needling therapy that is available to men and women in the Capitol Hill area and beyond.

For effective skin rejuvenation, we recommend Environ® skin care products for their high level doses of vitamin A and enhanced skin preparation prior to micro needling therapy, followed by continued use of Environ® to enhance skin rejuvenation and healing for our clients in the Capitol Hill and surrounding area.

Our successful skin rejuvenation methods combined with the use of Environ® and its cutting edge ingredients with formulations that provide results for all ages, skin types and ethnicities provide maximum effectiveness in protecting and caring for skin.

The Environ® consumer therapy product line includes suitable products for use in conjunction with the normal skin care regimen for our clients in the Capitol Hill and surrounding area.

We encourage you to consult our medical professionals serving the Capitol Hill area and beyond to learn more about our skin rejuvenation therapy methods. 425-605-5499

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