Top 4 Benefits of the 24-Hour Breast Augmentation

By on June 07, 2016 in Breast Augmentation

When it comes to breast augmentation, several techniques cater to the popular demand. From several types of implants with customizable sizes, shapes, and volumes to incision placement, advancements are making breast augmentation one of the most highly customizable procedures available.

At Partington Plastic Surgery in Kirkland, Washington, we offer 24-hour breast augmentations for patients that don’t have time for weeks of recovery. There are many benefits to this rapid recovery procedure. Here are the top four benefits of a 24-hour breast augmentation:

1. Reduced Pain – With this mild version of a breast augmentation, typically patients don’t require prescription painkillers to deal with discomfort. Our board-certified surgeons only recommend an anti-inflammatory medication after surgery, avoiding any associated side effects of painkillers, including drowsiness.

2. Shortened Recovery Time – Since there are less pain and trauma, recovery is quick. Patients generally return to mild activities within a day of surgery, while still avoiding strenuous exercise.

3. Minimized Risks – Since inflammation, bruising and swelling are significantly decreased with 24-hour breast augmentation, the procedure reduces any associated risks as well. Dr. Partington utilizes the “No-Touch” technique to reduce risks of infection, incision sizes, and capsular contracture.

4. Less Medical Complications – Many patients find that the 24-hour breast augmentation is much less complicated than traditional breast augmentation technique. There are no garments, surgical bras, stitches, or drains to worry about. With fewer instructions, the chance of complication is very slim.

Patients are raving about the revolutionary 24-hour breast augmentation, which only a few professional breast implant surgeons in the country use. Utilize this breakthrough innovation by scheduling your consultation today!

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