Top 5 Skin Care Myths Debunked

By on February 02, 2016 in Skincare

With the overwhelming amount of skin care tips and advice claiming to maintain your healthy skin, how will you ever know what actually works? Where there are facts, there are myths, and we’re here to help you find the truth in five skin care myths that most people believe to be true:

  1. MYTH – The Higher the SPF, The Better
    The truth is SPF 50 is only marginally more protective than SPF 15. Additionally, people applying higher SPF sunscreen may have a false sense of security and potentially expose themselves to more harmful chemicals. In ideal scenarios, individuals should find sun protection that has chemical and physical blocking, plus antioxidants, and reapply every 90 to 120 minutes.
  2. MYTH – One Antioxidant Ingredient is the Best Antioxidant
    It seems every year there is a newly discovered, trending antioxidant that is claimed to work better than the rest. The truth is a variety of antioxidants work more efficiently than just one alone. For optimal skin care, look for products that have a plethora of antioxidants, not just one.
  3. MYTH – Natural & Organic Products Are Always Better
    Contrary to popular belief, natural and organic products are not always as they claim. Also, many active skin care ingredients need to be synthesized to be an efficient solution to the damaged Synthetic ingredients are shown to be identical to those in nature and be more efficacious for your journey to healthy skin. Not all synthesized ingredients are bad, and not all organic ingredients are good.
  4. MYTH – Age Spots Are Always Sun-Induced
    Age spots develop from skin cells functioning poorly. When skin cells are unable to repair, they produce a staining that is not sun-induced. Using products that improve skin cell functionality will avoid these unsightly spots.
  5. MYTH – No Visible Peel? Not a Good Chemical Peel Result
    In the case of a chemical peel, the skin doesn’t necessarily need to physically peel to experience the benefits. Every person’s chemical peel process will be unique. Today we realize the importance of a healthy skin barrier and the skin cells of the epidermis are essential to a youthful appearance. Our chemical peels stimulate a gentler cell process while decreasing harm to the outer skin.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the unlimited information technology has provided and want to know what the experts think about maintaining beautiful, healthy skin, contact Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Kirkland, WA today to explore your skin care options. We will provide only facts about your skin care regimen, and debunk the myths.

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