Understanding the Distinction of ‘Medical Grade’ in AlumierMD Skincare

By Dr. Marshall T. Partington on December 06, 2023 in Skincare

Medical-grade skincare products offer quality benefits that affect your skin health.  Your skincare choices are extremely important and understanding the differences in medical-grade skincare can help you determine the products best suited for your skin.

What is Medical Grade Skin Care?

Medical grade is a term roughly used. However, when it comes to skincare, its meaning carries astounding significance. You may question whether medical-grade products differ from others, and the answer is yes, they drastically do. Although, deciphering whether a product is a medical grade can be difficult.

Department stores and drugstores sell a variety of easily accessible, affordable over-the-counter (OTC) products. These products can be very enticing with their delicious smells and cute designs. Skincare brands that say they are “developed or endorsed by a physician” do not refer to the product being medical grade.

Medical grade definitively means the products are available from clinics or establishments that operate under the medical direction of a licensed physician.

Why are Medical Grade Products Better?

Physician Approved

The standout quality of medical-grade skin care products is that they are physician-dispensed. This indicates that these skin products are distributed in a clinical or medical office by medical professionals who are professionally able to curate personalized product recommendations based on each patient’s unique skin concerns and needs. Talking with a medical professional about your skincare needs can help you decipher what products truly fit your individualized skin type, needs, and concerns.

With unique skin journeys, getting professional insight can allow you to skip the experimental skincare phase and can land you with products meant for your needs from the beginning. Collaborating with someone with a vast knowledge of skin health and someone who has dedicated their professional career to addressing a variety of skin types and conditions is extremely important. A track record of many skin care miracles can ensure that you are in the hands of the right skin professional. A skincare professional should be able to explain what is happening inside your skin and why, with expertise. Medical-grade products focus on correction and prevention. They are physician-dispensed and backed by science.

A medical professional is often a Master Aesthetician who works in a clinical setting, a nurse, or a physician or surgeon who serves as the medical director of a practice.  This location usually offers a variety of skin care services on top of selling medical-grade skincare products. These healthy skin representatives normally use a combination of skin care products and top-of-the-line technologies like lasers and microneedling. This is because a combination of treatments can effectively enhance your results and can aid in long-term maintenance allowing you to have long-term results. Medical-grade products come with the support of a skincare professional who offers ongoing guidance.


An important attribute that differentiates medical grade from over-the-counter (OTC products) is the ingredients. Ingredients of a product can determine the concentration, purity, pH, and amount of active ingredients involved in the formulation. Drugstore skin care products are designed to be sensitive to your skin because they want to cater to all consumers. These products may lack ingredients that your skin needs in order to “sell” to a wider demographic. Over-the-counter products are designed for everyone. On the other hand, Medical-grade product ingredients are more potent, pure, and contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. This helps more effectively treat specific skin concerns and conditions.
Active ingredients work on the surface and inside the skin, to penetrate the skin more effectively. These ingredients often offer the benefits of encapsulation, which maintains the reliability and purity of the active ingredients as they penetrate the skin. Medical-grade products are “strong” enough to correct problems embedded deeper in the skin and help with the prevention of future skin issues.

Save Money

In the long haul, medical-grade skin care products can save you time and money. Medical-grade formulas require less product to achieve your desired results. Medical-grade products offer stronger, active ingredients strategically formulated for your skin.

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