Choosing the Right Time for a Breast Lift

By Dr. Marshall T. Partington on February 27, 2024 in Breast Lift

A breast lift procedure can improve the appearance of your breasts, enhancing their contour for a more youthful, natural look. At Partington Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of breast procedures designed to restore the appearance of the breasts as well as your confidence. Knowing you would like to have a breast lift done is one thing, but determining whether or not it is the right time in your life to have this procedure is another. There are several different things to consider when deciding if a breast lift is right for you at this time.

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure designed to change the shape of the breasts without changing their size. To achieve this change in shape, a breast lift will raise the breasts to a higher and more perky position. This greatly reduces the appearance of sagging breast tissue and can reposition nipples that point downward to face out. This procedure is done by making three incisions in the breast before reshaping the tissue underneath. Excess skin, that once contributed to sagging, will be removed once the breast is lifted. The nipples can also be repositioned or resized during this procedure.

How Do You Know it is the Right Time for a Breast Lift?

If you are interested in a breast lift but are not sure if it is the right time for you to have this procedure done, examining your desires for wanting the procedure and your current lifestyle can help determine if the procedure is right for you. Those desiring a breast lift should relate to the following:

Wanting to Improve the Shape of the Breasts without Changing the Size

If you are happy with the size of your breasts but want to restore them to a more youthful position, a breast lift might be the perfect option for you. This surgery can dramatically change the appearance of the breasts without the need for implants or augmentation. You can achieve a higher, rounder, and more perky chest by simply raising the tissue of your own body.

You are Done Breastfeeding and Having Kids

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can all alter the appearance of the breasts. It is very common for the breasts to sag after breastfeeding, and in some cases, women are left with larger breasts after pregnancy than before. A breast lift can correct these issues, but should you get pregnant after the procedure, concerns such as sagging, asymmetry, and nipple drooping can reoccur.

Willing to Undergo Another Procedure if Done at a Younger Age

Breast lifts are not just for those in their mid-to-late ages. Breast lift procedures are for any individuals suffering from drooping or sagging breasts and nipples, which can occur at any age. Those in their twenties or thirties seeking to have a breast lift done should be comfortable with the idea of undergoing a touch-up procedure later in life. This will become necessary as the body continues to age.

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