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How do I make the most out of my consultation?

Congratulations Mom! You’ve weathered the storm of childbirth and are graced with the blessing of child. Now it’s your turn to reclaim and even enhance the person you were before pregnancy. 

The “mommy makeover” represents a suite of plastic surgical procedures customized to your unique goals. Breast augmentation/ lift, tummy tuck, vaginal rejuvenation, liposculpture, and non- surgical skin enhancement. There are numerous options for you to explore. 

Your consultation with Dr. Marshall Partington, a board certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon is one of the most important steps. 

Am I A Candidate? 

Timing in life and plastic surgery is everything. Planning future children? Gratefully done with childbearing? Dr. Partington can help you understand the pros and cons of selective procedures and timelines. 

In general it is a good idea to wait at least 6 months after giving birth before launching into a surgical procedure. This gives your body time to recover and return to a baseline hormonal state so your results are not negatively affected. Meanwhile Dr. Partington may recommend some non-surgical procedures

Recovery time after surgery is key to consider. It takes a village to raise a child and you’ll need help and support managing your maternal responsibilities following surgery. 

What are the best procedures for me?

Good plastic surgery is not a “one size fits all” endeavor. Dr. Partington specializes customizing your surgical program it address your wants in order of your priorities. Want more breast fullness? Do you need a lift? By placing the implant over the muscle instead of under, Dr. Partington is often able to achieve both fullness and perkiness without the additional scars of a lift. And by adhering to his 24/7 Recovery, you will be taking a selfie out at lunch the day after surgery! All of this is accomplished without narcotics!

“Do I need a tummy tuck?” Let Dr. Partington help you choose whether liposuction, a tummy tuck, or both are best for your optimal outcome. 

What can I expect during recovery? 

The 24/7 Recovery will have you out to lunch the day after surgery! However, every day is a day of healing and Dr. Partington will outline a prudent program of progressive activities to get you back in the game of life as soon and as safely as possible. Depending on the nature of your work, one to two weeks off may be appropriate. And remember, because you will not need narcotics, you’ll be safe to drive later that week after surgery!

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Most people come to our office understandably anxious and with a lot of questions. Dr. Partington and his staff’s bedside manner are well known for putting his patients at ease. Upon leaving the consultation, our goal is to have to feeling educated, confident, and excited about your unique surgical journey to reclaim the “you” you deserve to be.

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