The Benefits of Adding a Fat Transfer to Your Tummy Tuck

By on September 27, 2018 in Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

Have you ever wished you could take fat from one area of your body and move it to another? Well, a fat transfer does just that, and if you’ve already opted for your tummy tuck procedure, it’s a great time to make it happen. Here are some of the benefits of adding a fat transfer to your procedure:

Optimal abdominal contouring

A tummy tuck can remove significant amounts of loose, hanging skin and tissue that might be present after weight loss, pregnancy, or from age. However, only a small amount of fat will be removed during the process. Liposuction techniques are used during a fat transfer to obtain your natural fat cells. The abdomen is a great place to do this because most people have excess fat here. So, by adding liposuction techniques to your tummy tuck, you can optimize your results, removing stubborn fat cells and helping you achieve a sculpted stomach.

A natural enhancement elsewhere

After liposuction is performed to remove your fat cells, they can be processed in a centrifuge, ensuring that only pure, usable fat cells are left. Those fat cells can then be placed in the breasts for a natural breast augmentation or the buttocks for a subtle lift. Your fat cells can even be used to smooth your facial lines and soften the appearance of aged hands. Because your own fat cells are used, there is no risk of your body rejecting them.

Save time and money by combining procedures

By combining multiple techniques in one procedure sitting, you can save money on surgical fees. Recovery is also typically shorter than if you had the procedures separately. Most of your recovery will involve the abdominal area where your incisions are located, however, you might also have some swelling and bruising where you had a fat graft placed. Following all your post-op instructions carefully will help ensure successful results from your tummy tuck and fat transfer.

To learn more about adding a fat transfer to your tummy tuck and how you can benefit, contact Partington Plastic Surgery today!

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