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Liposuction Procedures for Renton Men and Women

For residents of Renton, WA who are unable to shed excess weight even after exercise, liposuction is a perfect way to acquire the desired body shape. Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes excessive fat from the body. Renton patients undergoing liposuction often have a stable body weight, but wish to remove unwanted fat from certain body parts.

If you too are in need of liposuction in Renton, approach us at Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. Serving as skilled experts, we analyze your needs and preferences before carrying-out lipoSculpture, tumescent liposuction or conventional liposuction treatment.

In addition, we make sure to maintain a hygienic environment while carrying out liposuction surgery to eliminate the possibilities of infection for Renton residents.

Renton residents can use our liposuction services for fat removal from:

  • Upper arms
  • Male or female breast
  • Buttocks and hips
  • Ankles, knees and calves
  • Inner and outer thighs

Call us at 425-605-5499 to schedule an appointment to discuss your liposuction, lipoSculpture and tumescent liposuction requirements with us.  For more information, visit our blog.

LipoSculpture Has Many Benefits for Renton Residents

Technology in the field of cosmetic surgery has come a long way and lipoSculpture allows overweight Renton residents to acquire a more desirable body shape. While both lipoSculpture and liposuction treatment helps remove excessive fat from the body, there are differences. Surgeons carrying out lipoSculpture for Renton residents use smaller tools than those used for liposuction.

The benefits of lipoSculpture for Renton residents include:

  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • It allows you to maintain a slim body
  • Recovery time after lipoSculpture is quicker
  • It can be performed a number of times on body parts
  • It is safe, quick and works well

We have many years of experience operating as lipoSculpture experts for Renton. We aim to enhance your appearance, not to change it. When you choose us for your lipoSculpture treatment in Renton, you can be sure of the results. All of our cosmetic surgery is carried out in our high-tech clinic. Moreover, we offer affordable treatment to fit the budget of each individual

Tumescent Liposuction Can Reduce Localized Fat Deposits

During tumescent liposuction, local anesthesia is applied to fat under the skin in order to permit liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is a treatment that minimizes the blood loss associated with more traditional liposuction procedures. Reducing the need for sedatives and narcotics, tumescent liposuction in Renton helps lessen localized fat deposits.

Contact us now if you looking for real results from tumescent liposuction. Backed by a team of board certified surgeons, we carry out effective tumescent liposuction that enhances the body shapes of our Renton customers. In addition, we make certain to:

  • Use advanced tools and techniques to perform tumescent liposuction in Renton
  • Offer rapid response to your needs
  • Maintain a friendly atmosphere while serving you
  • Deliver a more comfortable treatment

For safe and effective liposuction, lipoSculpture and tumescent liposuction surgery, residents of Renton can call Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center at 425-605-5499.

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