24-Hour Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Discover the Beauty of Breast Augmentation!

Are you ready to enhance your natural beauty? Breast augmentation is a remarkable surgical procedure that can elevate your confidence and self-esteem by enhancing the shape and size of your breasts. Countless women choose this breast surgery for a wide range of personal reasons, and the results are often met with immense satisfaction.

Our breast augmentation procedure is not only effective but also customizable to your preferences. We offer a variety of implant styles, ensuring you achieve the exact look and feel you desire. For those seeking a speedy recovery, we provide the option of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation.

During your consultation, we will delve into your expectations, address any concerns, and thoroughly discuss the potential risks of breast augmentation surgery. Let us help you embark on a journey to a more confident and beautiful you!

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Surgical Excellence at Bel Red Ambulatory Surgery Center, Bellevue, Washington

At our beautiful new location in Bellevue, Washington, we are thrilled to perform all surgeries at the esteemed Bel Red Ambulatory Surgery Center. As a state-of-the-art facility, we ensure the utmost safety, comfort, and care for every patient.

Our surgical procedures are typically categorized as “outpatient surgeries,” meaning you can return home on the same day. For most cases, we prioritize your well-being by using general anesthesia, ensuring you are comfortably asleep throughout the procedure.

Under the expert guidance of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Partington, your surgery will be executed according to the meticulously tailored plan discussed during your consultation. This includes the selection of the most suitable incision method, which Dr. Partington will determine. Breast augmentation surgery typically takes approximately 2 hours to artfully complete.

Following your procedure, you will be closely monitored for a brief period before being released to return home with the caregiver you have chosen.

What is the Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation?

Rapid recovery surgery is a meticulously designed protocol, tailored to significantly reduce your post-operative downtime that often follows various surgical procedures. This innovative approach incorporates several key elements, including minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues to limit swelling, the strategic use of specialized nerve blockers to alleviate pain, and maintaining a surgical environment with reduced exposure to external contaminants.

The outcome is a remarkable recovery period, often as short as just 24 hours, with a set of additional aftercare steps to follow in the days that ensue. The roots of this rapid recovery technique can be traced back to the realms of sports medicine and physical therapy, where the primary objective was to expedite the return of athletes to their respective sports following injuries. Dr. Partington has adapted and applied these techniques to a wide range of cosmetic surgery options, ensuring that you experience a swift and effective recovery, whether it’s for a 24-hour rapid recovery breast augmentation or any other procedure of your choice.

Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation vs. Regular Breast Augmentation

Minimal Discomfort

In Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation, patients experience significantly less pain, often eliminating the need for strong pain medication. Post-surgery anti-inflammatory medication is typically sufficient, sparing you from the potential side effects associated with potent pain medications. This allows you to swiftly return to your daily routines without the hindrance of pain.

Speedy Recovery

The reduced pain translates to a faster recovery process. Most patients can resume their daily activities, excluding strenuous exercise, as soon as one day after the surgery. Many even find themselves back at work within a week or less, facilitating a swift return to normalcy.

Diminished Risks

Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation effectively allows for fewer complications and minimizes the inflammation associated with the procedure, resulting in minimal bruising and swelling that typically subsides within about a week. Additionally, the risks of bleeding and the side effects of potent painkillers are significantly reduced. At Partington Plastic Surgery, Dr. Partington employs the No-Touch technique for breast implants, which further diminishes the risks of infections, reduces incision size, and lowers the likelihood of capsular contracture. This ‘revolutionary technique’ is gaining recognition as the new gold standard for breast augmentation surgery and is employed by only a select group of expert breast implant surgeons in the country.

Streamlined Procedure

The rapid recovery approach simplifies the breast augmentation procedure. There is no need for intricate garments or specialized post-surgery bras, and at-home care doesn’t require surgical supplies. Moreover, there are no stitches to be removed and no drains to manage. You can even shower the day after the surgery and comfortably wear your underwire bra within a few days, ensuring a hassle-free and streamlined recovery experience.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Post-operative discomfort can vary based on the placement of the breast implants (over or under the muscle) and is effectively managed with oral pain medications or the use of a pain pump. The typical recovery period spans between 7 to 10 days for most patients. While some individuals may feel ready to return to work within a few days, others may opt for additional time off. Dr. Partington also offers rapid recovery breast augmentation, ideal for patients constrained by time limitations.

Scarring is an inherent aspect of breast augmentation, and its appearance can vary among patients. Initially, scars may appear red and gradually transition into inconspicuous lines that blend into the natural creases of the body. For the majority of patients, the eventual fading of these scars is seen as a worthwhile exchange for the enhancements in their body shape and self-image.


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…Christel and all the surgery staff are all amazing. I was nervous to have my surgery and had many hoops to jump through to get it because of some medical issues I have. They were so patient with me and my doctors and so kind and helped me all along the way. They seriously care about their patients. They respond quickly to calls and emails and do whatever YOU need to feel 100% comfortable. I truly had the best experience…


Amazing staff and doctor. I will be back! So far have gotten BBL and lip filler. Primo service.

BBL & Lip Filler


Christel is super responsive and always available and happy to answer my questions and never made me feel like I was bugging her with any post-op questions I had. I seriously can not recommend them enough!


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Meet Dr. Partington

Marshall T. Partington,
M.D., F.A.C.S

Dr. Marshall T. Partington devotes his practice to enhancing the lives of patients. Dr. Partington helps patients locally, nationally, and worldwide achieve their desired aesthetic at the Bellevue, WA Partington Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Partington views each person and their story as a new journey with a very specific and unique objective. The happiness and gratitude of our patients is his greatest reward of all.

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24 Hour Recovery Breast Augmentation FAQ’S

How is the 24/7 Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation different from a traditional Breast Augmentation?

The 24/7 Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation is radically different in both surgical technique and post-operative recovery plan. Imagine suddenly having the breasts of your dreams and celebrating them by going out to lunch the day after surgery, all without needing narcotics!

What is different about the 24/7 Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation surgical technique?

As a microsurgeon, Dr. Partington understands the importance of gentle handling of tissue. Gentle surgical technique combined with the “no-touch” technique of implant placement and spacing of the pectoral muscle allows for remarkably painless and rapid recovery.

Does the 24/7 Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation avoid damage to the muscle?

Yes! By placing these fifth-generation implants on top of the muscle (sub-glandular) instead of under the muscle(submuscular) we avoid cutting and stretching and permanently distorting the muscles’ appearance and function.

What are the pros and cons of sub-glandular implants in the 24/7 Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation?

Pros:nEssentially painless recovery- no narcoticsCleavage control; no gaping space between breasts Often avoids the need for a breast lift vs under the muscle implants Avoids “animation deformity” the movement, twitching, and flexing of the breasts with arm movement and pectoralis contraction. Avoids “high riding” implants that may or may not “drop” into a natural position.Essentially, submuscular implants avoid most of the known problems of submuscular implants. nCons:nStatistically higher incidence of capsular contraction at 5 or 10 years when implants places in the sub-glandular vs submuscular position

Who is an ideal candidate for 24/7 Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation?

The ideal candidate to undergo 24/7 Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation is anyone wanting to minimize downtime while maximizing their aesthetic result. Rapid Recovery patients undergoing 24/7 Breast Augmentation will also be able to avoid taking post-operative narcotics and thereby avoid nausea, vomiting, and constipation, let alone fears of addiction. 24/7 Rapid Recovery patients will be up and out of the house the day after surgery; shopping, dining out. Taking walks… already enjoying their new feminine confidence.

What are the post-operative instructions for the 24/7 Rapid Recovery Augmentation?

Dr. Partington has formulated a set of seven steps to 24-hour recovery. Having worked with professional athletes such as football players and boxers, as well as with many in the fitness modeling arena, Dr. Partington has learned the secrets of elite athletes and how they minimize downtime from injury or illness. He has adopted cardinal principles from the philosophy of sports medicine and has created a Seven-Step Program appropriate for all of his surgical patients. He has received hundreds of photos from his patients who are “out and about”, “faking it till they make it” within 24 hours of their life-changing surgery, and all without the need of narcotics!

What is the 24/7 Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation No-Touch Technique?

The “no-touch” technique is designed to respect optimal sterility of the implant at all phases of the surgery. Our skin is a primary source of bacterial contamination to breast implant during surgery. Then after a thorough surgical prep of the skin bacteria can still work microscopically in our pores. The “no-touch” technique involves transferring the breast implants from their hermetically sealed containers into the surgical breast pockets without any contact with the patient’s skin. This is aided with the use of Keller funnel and well-designed surgical incisions.


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