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By DLM Admin on February 01, 2018 in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Partington himself is quite humorous; very professional yet quite funny! He specifically has done a lot of interesting and intricate work in the surgical industry which in-part I’m most certain is why he is such a skilled surgeon. They say you have to be intelligent to be a doctor/surgeon, but the true talent is what makes a surgeon great.

Shannon (RN), Mandy (Clinic Manager), Jill (Medical Receptionist) and Kristin (Aesthetics Specializing in Sciton Profile Laser), and everyone involved truly work as a team to make sure the arrival and departure of each patient are specialized and well taken care of.

Miss Canada’s Testimonial

From the very first visit, I was astounded at the hospitality and ease of the appointment. I was offered a variety of beverages and sat to wait for a short period of time before going into the consultation room. The consultation was fun, comforting, and a very easy process.

Dr. Partington has quite a sense of humor; he’s both professional and funny! Each nurse and attending staff has their own personality, all of whom are very easy to get along with and understanding of situations and preferences. The Staff openly give their opinion based on experience and yet understand the desire of the patient’s preferred outcome.

Upon leaving the pre-op appointment I was given a play by play of how the surgery day will go, such as entering and exiting the building which is different than that of the main door along with post-op instructions.

I entered the surgery allotted entrance the morning of surgery, sat in one of their rooms getting my garment on; awaiting to get my intervenes, and going over the anticipated procedure once more. I had failed/forgotten to mention the difficulty of my small veins but they got around that and were very patient with me, especially considering the little extra time it typically will take with someone that has smaller than usual veins. Then into surgery, I went.

I was having three surgeries in one, and in particular, I have had rhinoplasty before and recall it being considerably painful from another doctor. However, interestingly enough my rhinoplasty through Dr. Partington did not hurt at all during any of the recovery processes, not every patient has the luxury of minimal to no pain because everyone’s body is different but it’s safe to say Partington is quite skilled. I also had a breast augmentation, above muscle – was very pleased with all the work he had done.

It’s important in any business to ensure that staff builds a report with clients/patients, the staff and the doctor himself at Partington Plastic Surgery go above and beyond; I highly recommend them not only for ease of communication but true skill and technique used at their practice.

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