Patient to Patient


Many patients have gone through plastic surgery procedures and have terrific advice to share with those considering it. Below you will find tips and advice from our own patients.

  • If you are having a tummy tuck or lower body lift I highly recommend that you rent an electric recliner, especially one of the ones that lift you almost to vertical. It makes it so much easier to get in and out of the chair as well as find more comfortable positions to sit it. Add a remote control for even easier maneuvering!
  • When the doctor says you can, after a tummy tuck, or even a lower body lift, consider getting a large balance ball to sit on for short periods of time. It helps to gently strengthen and stretch your new shape without a lot of work.
  • When you are asked whether you want one support garment for after your surgery or two, say two! While they are a bit pricey depending on what your surgery requires, once you can take a shower and get clean, it is such a pleasure to have a clean garment to slide on while the other one goes in the laundry!
  • Listen, listen, listen… to your doctor, your nurses, and what your body is telling you. Do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told, and let your body’s reactions guide you. You will discover that if you do that and do not rush your recovery you will be healthier in mind and body after all is said and done.

If you are a patient of Dr. Partington and have some great tips or advice to share with other patients, then please let us know.


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