Paying for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

By on February 26, 2018 in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be quite expensive depending on the procedure. For many individuals, they do not get the procedures they need because they don’t know how to pay for it. However, understanding your payment options can make paying for your surgery more manageable, so you can still get the life-enhancing procedure you want and need!

Understanding Your Fees

A lot goes into providing you a successful procedure. This includes the doctor’s time during consultation and surgery, anesthesia, and facility space. For your initial consultation, you will pay a fee of $75, however, this can then be credited to your next service fee or procedure cost. Your procedure date will be scheduled far in advance to hold your spot and ensure that everything is ready to go when you arrive. For this reason, a 25% nonrefundable deposit is required to schedule your procedure. Full payment for your procedure is then due on the day of your appointment. Canceling 45 days or sooner before your appointment will result in a nonrefundable deposit and a 20% reschedule fee, so don’t schedule your appointment unless you are entirely sure you want and are ready for the procedure.

Accepted Payment Methods

Partington Plastic Surgery accepts cash, cashier or personal check, and major credit cards including MasterCard, Discovery, and Visa. We understand that for some procedures, that’s a lot of money to pay at once, so we also accept layaway payments. We recommend using CareCredit to manage your cosmetic surgery loan.

Procedures Covered by Insurance

Some procedures are covered by insurance if they provide more than just a cosmetic purpose. This might include breast reconstruction surgery, a breast reduction for women who were born with overly large breasts, eyelid surgery if eyelids are interfering with vision, hand surgery, or nasal surgery to correct breathing. Meeting with your doctor can help determine if your procedure would be cosmetic or reconstructive. Different insurance companies might define cosmetic and reconstructive differently, so make sure you find out what your specific insurance covers.

For more information on how you can pay for your plastic surgery procedure or to schedule your initial consultation, contact our office!

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