Plastic Surgery for Men? It’s Not So Uncommon

By on April 24, 2018 in gynecomastia, Men's Plastic Surgery

While plastic surgery has never been specific to women, most people would think that it’s something that primarily women undergo. While this still holds true, a trend towards men and plastic surgery has been only growing in awareness. Many men are now seeking out procedures that can give them the great results they want to feel confident in their appearance and their body, and some plastic surgeons even specialize and men’s procedures and the different needs and approaches that come along with it. Dr. Partington subscribes to helping men find life-changing results with these procedures.

Men’s Facial Plastic Surgery

A male face has a very different aesthetic than a female face, requiring different contour, focus, and balance. Differences in skin type and composition can often be overlooked when considering men’s needs for cosmetic procedures. Rhinoplasties and chin fat-reducing procedures are common for men who want a sharper, more masculine appearance. Men also aren’t immune to aging, and many men pursue facelifts, eyelid surgeries, or non-surgical procedures to remove a few years from their facial profile.

Men’s Plastic Surgery for the Body

Liposuction and other body contouring procedures can help many men achieve the physique they’ve always wanted so they can feel confident and love their bodies. Excess skin can also be difficult to remove through diet and exercise, and various body lifts can be confidence-boosting for men who have undergone weight loss. Many men also undergo laser hair removal procedures for excessively hairy areas of the body.

Gynecomastia Treatment

This is one of the handfuls of procedures that are exclusive to men— and is one of the most popular procedures that men undergo. This procedure uses various techniques to remove “man boobs,” which many otherwise fit and healthy men struggle with. It can be simply liposuctioned out if it’s caused by fat, or surgically removed if it’s caused by breast tissue. This can be one of the most valuable procedures available to men who might otherwise not have options when diet and exercise don’t work.

Dr. Partington understands that men can also find life-changing results from plastic surgery procedures, and offer informative and discreet consultations for men considering a confidence-boosting treatment. If you want to begin your plastic surgery journey, contact our office.

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