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Plastic Surgery Services for the Auburn Area

Those who are residing anywhere near or in the Auburn region and find themselves trying to find the services of a competent plastic surgeon, consider Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. If there is anything Kirkland, which is just a short trip from Auburn, WA should be famous for, it should be for Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center.

The list of plastic surgery solutions provided by the Partingron Plastic Surgery & Laser Center is outstanding. The facility, located conveniently close to Auburn, offers a large number of cosmetic surgery procedures such as nose sculpting, breast augmentation and reduction, and neck lifts.

The technology that any plastic surgeon of the Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center has at their disposal is most modern. Just one example is the top of the line SCITON LASER used for various types of cosmetic surgery at the Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. The cosmetic surgery techniques that the plastic surgery treatment center employs are among the finest in the region.

Finest technology in the Auburn region is not all, however. The plastic surgery experts who work in the Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center are considered to be some of the most qualified, talented and experienced in the Auburn as well as Washington State area.

All of this makes the Center one the most impressive choices for performing any kind of cosmetic surgery for the residents of Auburn area.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men and Women

PartingtonPastic Surgery & Laser Center is one of the best places to lose weight. If the gym has failed, then it’s time for the Center to perform its cosmetic surgery magic on the client willing to lose fat.

Partington Plastic Surgery Center offers a whole range of solutions for those wishing to lose weight. This includes not only high-quality liposuction services, but also post weight loss surgery.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Partington, M.D.

Dr. Partington, M.D., is a board certified plastic surgeon widely recognized to be one amongst the greatest masters working in the field. Dr. Partington, M.D., has delivered many great results throughout his career, not to mention that he is one of the members of the Board of Directors of Healing the Children, a non-profit health-related organization.

Dr. Partington M.D., studied under famous experts in the field of plastic surgery and microsurgery as Dr. Joseph McCarty and Dr. Harry Buncke.

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center

Dr. Marshall T. Partington MD, F.A.C.S. is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving patients in the Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland areas. Dr. Partington is known for his cutting edge surgical techniques to deliver natural-looking results to his patients. Dr. Partington views each person and their story as a new journey with a very specific and unique objective. The happiness and gratitude of our patients is his greatest reward of all.

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