Environ Skin Care Products

Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center was the first board-certified plastic surgery office to offer Environ product in Seattle and Bellevue Washington. We use it exclusively for all our pre-and post-surgical needs, as well as for our MicroneedlingMedical Facials and laser procedures.

Environ is a world renowned Professional Skin Care line built on the ground breaking science of Vitamin A.  All of the Environ products counteract the harmful effects of the environment.

What is Environ?

Created by renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dez Fernandez, this skin care treatment line works to reverse the aging process. The Environ team scientifically researches and develops products that bring health and beauty to the skin. Environ products are not sold online and are only retailed by trained and authorized Environ skin care professionals.

How do Environ products work?

Dr. Fernandez created Environ to correct the Vitamin A deficiency most everyone deals with in the exposed areas of their skin. Because of this, the Environ skin care line incorporates Vitamin A to counteract harmful environmental effects, as well as stress, to produce healthy, beautiful skin. The products combine Vitamin A with antioxidants and peptides to produce long-term results. Constant research keeps Environ products relevant and up to date.

Environ products treat a variety of skin concerns, including pigmentation, sun damage, dry skin, aging skin, sensitivity, and breakouts.

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