The Newest Addition to Vaginal Rejuvenation: The G-SHOT®

By on June 08, 2017 in Vaginal Rejuvenation

Many women will experience changes with their bodies as they age. Typically, when we think of the aging process, we think of changes in our skin and outward appearance.  However, aging can have an effect on the vaginal area, causing discomfort and changes that may leave you feeling self-conscious.

What is the G-SHOT®?

To increase comfort and function, many women turn to vaginal rejuvenation to help strengthen the vaginal structure and the surrounding areas. However, this doesn’t address any issues woman may experience during intimacy. Luckily, there is now an additional service that can be added onto vaginal rejuvenation called the G-SHOT®. This procedure is simple and nonsurgical and can temporarily augment the “Grafenburg spot” (G-Spot) in sexually active women with normal sexual function.

How Does It Work?

The G-shot® is an injectable, collagen-based filler that increases the size of the “Grafenburg spot” which then enhances sensation and sexual function. This injection involves little to no pain and is actually quite a similar experience to an annual pap smear. The effects can last up to four months and some may notice enhanced pleasure immediately, as there is no downtime post procedure. The whole procedure itself only takes about 30 minutes and is administered using a speculum. After four months the filler will begin to slowly dissolve, much like other cosmetic fillers.

To put the finishing touches on your vaginal rejuvenation treatment, please contact Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Kirkland today to schedule a consultation.

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