7 Ways To Stop Weight Gain & Keep Body Fat Off After Liposuction Surgery

By on October 21, 2019 in Liposuction

Many people who have struggled with excessive weight have resorted to aggressive forms of surgical intervention to prevent the problem from reaching dangerous or potentially life-threatening extremes. One such measure is liposuction. Though this procedure is widely successful, certain individuals might experience difficulty keeping their weight down following the said procedure.

Seattle-based plastic surgeon Dr. Marshall T. Partington invites current and prospective clients to read this brief blog examining liposuction, as well as several weight-maintenance measures those who have undergone said procedure can employ to ensure they do not again accumulate excess body fat or gain any additional weight after undergoing it.

Liposuction Overview

Plastic surgeons emulsify excess fat deposits from the recipient’s body using an apparatus known as a cannula. The more common bodily regions where this procedure is employed are the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, chin and neck. Typically, liposuction is administered to individuals who have been unable to shed unwanted fat through less invasive methods and exercise.

What Happens Right After This Surgery?

In the immediate aftermath of liposuction surgery, patients might experience a certain degree of swelling pain and bruise in bodily regions where the procedure was performed. Several weeks may pass before the bodily regions in question properly heal and the remaining fat settles back into place.

Changes In Fat Deposits

Unfortunately, certain individuals who undergo liposuction gain back the weight and re-accumulate the fat initially eliminated during the procedure. When said events occur, recipients might notice unsightly and uneven distributions of fat throughout their body and not only in the places surgery was performed. This is because the removal of fat cells forces the body to store fat in other areas.

Maintaining Weight And Preventing Fat Accumulation

Fortunately, by practicing the following tips, liposuction recipients might be able to avoid the preceding untoward events:

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity is paramount to maintaining a healthy weight and preventing the accumulation of body fat. That said, liposuction recipients might not be able to partake in strenuous exercise for sometime after their procedure is completed. However, a plastic surgeon or family doctor could tailor a light exercise program designed to help them meet weight loss and aesthetic goals.

Consume A Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet rife with nutritious foods that do not possess high-fat content can play a crucial role in preventing fat and weight gain.

Remaining Hydrated

The consumption of water helps the body burn calories with greater efficiency. Such action often contributes to a faster metabolism and a decreased chance of gaining weight.

Limit Stress

The bodies of individuals exposed to chronic levels of heightened stress produce and secrete greater concentrations of substances known as “stress hormones.” These chemicals may reduce the digestive system’s ability to born calories and might stimulate cravings for fat-laden foods.

Always Keep Active

Keeping active does not necessarily mean to obtain excessive levels of exercise. Physicians and fitness experts suggest staying active truly refers to avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. For example, said healthcare professionals suggest opting to walk versus sitting on the couch watching television.

Eat Smaller Portions

The consumption of smaller portions ensures individuals do not overeat and ingest an excessive amount of calories.

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