Surgical Suite

Welcome to Partington Plastic Surgery Center (PPS). Our Ambulatory Surgical Suite is fully-accredited by the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, Inc, (AAAASF).

We have designed our surgical facility for safety and privacy. In addition to assembling a team of highly experienced medical professionals, we have placed special emphasis on infection prevention.

Here at PPS, we have documented a remarkably low rate of infection.  The average infection rate for hospitals is between 3% and 6%. Our past 5-year rate of post-surgical infection is 1.2%.

Particles in the air around us ordinarily contain skin flakes, pollen, dust, viruses, and bacteria. Indoors, these particles are picked up from carpet and ceiling debris. The healthy body is designed to filter out many of these particles. Surgery and open wounds allow a route of entry to the body, leading to a possible infection.

In any given office hallway, there may be roughly 1,500,000 particles per one cubic foot of air. The average hospital operating room or ambulatory surgical facility maintains a count of roughly 5,000 particles per cubic foot of air.

At Partington Plastic Surgery, our surgical suite maintains a count of 2,500 particles per cubic foot. This is a dramatic reduction in potentially-harmful particles in the air. We maintain that count on a non-surgical day.  When we are performing surgery, air purity on the operating table is maintained at 100 particles per cubic foot!

What can cause a post-operative infection?

Many factors can contribute to a post-operative infection, which is defined as occurring within 30 days after surgery. Though we cannot control all variables once a patient leaves our facility, we can control the air quality in surgery.

At Partington Plastic Surgery Center, we want you to have the best experience, from beginning to your final result. Our surgical suite was built with you in mind. It is an integral part of our dedication to your health and safety.

Please visit our website to view a video Dr. Partington has created to further explain our integrated surgical air filtration/lighting system. Visit our blog page for more information.