Breast Augmentation Rapid Recovery

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The procedure of breast augmentation has made another leap in the right direction. Women who choose to undergo this procedure are now benefiting from an even shorter downtime of roughly 24 hours. For those patients within the Seattle area who have tried this procedure, the feedback has been very encouraging.

  • Less recovery time spent away from normal activities and work
  • A low complications rate with this type of surgery that has dropped even lower
  • Well received among women who are busy and want to get almost instant results
  • Less emotional stress experienced by women having breast augmentation surgery

24 Hour Recovery after Breast Implant Surgery

Even though the post operative complications associated with this procedure were statistically quite low, it has been noted that these complications have become even less likely to happen following the rapid recovery technique. In addition to this post operative symptoms such as nausea, headaches, fatigue and breast pains have been almost eradicated with this 24-hour recovery technique. Post-operative sluggishness and emotional moodiness have also been recorded as been less of a problem as well.

  • Reduced post-operative impact of the breast augmentation surgery
  • This technique allows for patients to get back to work more quickly reducing costs
  • Less disruptive on the family and the respective schedules
  • Women can get back to feeling like themselves only sexier and more confident

What This Involves

Rapid recovery is a unique way of handling the breast augmentation procedure so that it becomes less of a problem for patients to recover. There are some particular characteristics that make this procedure unique. Included here is the fact that there are no drains or bandages and there are no heavy narcotics used to manage pain.

  • Activity restrictions are those related to shoulder workouts within the first 6 weeks
  • The lack of narcotics cuts down the possibility of post-operative sluggish feeling
  • No tight dressings are recommended during the recovery process

Deciding to Get Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

With all the advantages associated with this procedure it is no wonder that many women in the Seattle area are interested in getting this done. With Dr. Partington and the team at the Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we are well versed in being able to make this happen for you. This procedure goes a long way in addressing the previous concerns and both the physicians and past patients couldn’t be happier with it.

  • No downtime
  • Get back to your routine quickly
  • Exceptional results
  • Reduced post-operative complications
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