Are You Thinking of Removing Your Breast Implants?

By on April 24, 2023 in Breast Implants

Getting breast implants has been a popular form of cosmetic surgery for many years. Yet, some women are choosing to have their implants removed. This is called explant surgery. Dr. Partington at Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center is an experienced surgeon in this field. Here are some common questions women have about the surgery.

What is the Reason For Implant Removal?

Although each woman’s situation is unique, some common reasons that lead to removal are:

  • Personal preference such as lifestyle changes, comfort issues, or their image ideals have changed
  • Complications with the implants due to capsular contraction, implant rupture, or the implants have shifted
  • Breast cancer or other health-related issues

Who is a Good Candidate for Implant Removal Surgery?

Implant removal surgery is available for any woman that no longer wants her implants as long as it’s safe to do so. Women thinking of getting their implants removed should first consult with a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, such as Dr. Partington, to go over their expectations and concerns.

How is Explant Surgery Performed?

Explant surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and the procedure takes between one and three hours. In most cases the surgeon will make an incision using the same sight as the implant surgery. The implant is then removed. Sometimes, such as with capsular contraction, the capsule that forms around the implant is removed as well. This process is called a capsulectomy.

Are There Risks Involved?

Some patients have problems with anesthesia. The anesthesiologist will go over any concerns before the surgery. While most cases have little risk involved, some complications can occur after surgery. Some of these are breast sensitivity, swelling and bruising, or the development of thick, red, painful scars.

What is the Recovery Process Like?

Since implant removal surgery is an outpatient procedure, most women can return home the same day as their surgery. Most surgeons agree that it takes less time for patients to recover from explant surgery than it did when they got their implants. As with any surgery, there will be some discomfort afterward, but it’s often minimal and goes away within a few weeks.

Most women can return to work after five days but should still limit any strenuous activities for about six weeks. Removal due to capsular contraction can lead to more discomfort and generally takes longer to heal. The scars from implant removal surgery tend to heal well, and while they never fully disappear they do decrease in size over time and become less noticeable. For best healing results patients should always follow the guidelines set by their doctor.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are considering having your implants removed, schedule a consultation with Dr. Partington at Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. Dr. Partington is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon. He is experienced in implant removal surgery and can walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Visit the website at Your text to link… for more information about Dr. Partington and his practice.

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