Benefits of the Halo Laser Treatment

By on December 01, 2019 in Skincare

Medical technology is always changing in order to bring the best results to patients and medical professionals alike. One new product on the market that has been helping patients get improvement in their skin is called Halo laser treatment. Let’s get into how it works and what gives it an edge.

What Is Halo Laser?

Halo laser technology works by using laser energy to treat the skin. This device is the first of its kind, though. It’s a hybrid fractional laser. What this means is it is able to use two wavelengths of laser to treat patients’ skin.
Normally, laser treatments have had to specialize in either ablative or non-ablative methods, but Halo lasers can do both at once.
Ablative treatments focus on actually removing damaged skin from the uppermost layers to improve the look of the skin after healing. After the layers of skin are removed, the blemishes or fine lines and wrinkles should be reduced or eliminated.
Non-ablative treatments send laser energy to deeper layers of the skin, not outwardly affecting the ore surface layers. The energy in the deeper layers stimulates the skin to produce more collagen. Collagen improves skin’s strength, elasticity, and suppleness. It can give the skin a smoother, tighter look from the inside out.

What Can Halo Laser Treat?

Halo Lasers have bee approved for use in the treatment of conditions and skin issues such as:

  • Scar revision
  • Areas of too much pigment
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores

Halo lasers can be used on areas of the body such as the face, neck, chest, and even the hands. This gives leeway to treat areas of the body that tend to age more quickly and show signs of aging more easily.

Benefits Of Choosing Halo Laser Treatments

The Halo device’s revolutionary hybrid technology stands out for reasons such as:

  • Results in as few as 1 or 2 sessions
  • Ability to be used on all skin tones
  • Faster healing than other options
  • Minimal downtime
  • The treatments are highly customizable for each patient’s needs

Halo laser treatments give short-term and long term results. The ablative portion will take care of surface blemishes, while the non-ablative portion will get your skin rejuvenating and revitalizing itself on a fundamental level. This treatment gives patients the best of both worlds.

The lasers minimize the amount of damage to the patient’s skin, which means less pain and time for recovery. Doctors are able to control the amounts of energy delivered to each treatment area. That leads to a very precise, efficient, and effective treatment method.

The Halo laser technology could be indicative of what the future of laser treatments look like. This device gives both patients and medical professionals a better experience.

If you are considering undergoing laser skin procedures, you might want to see if your medical provider offers Halo laser treatments.

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