Breast Augmentation Seattle: 5 Post-Op Recovery Tips

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Are you feeling the post-op blues? Recovering from a breast augmentation isn’t easy, and many post-op patients can experience severe stress and pain. These five post-op tips will help make your Seattle breast augmentation a far less painful experience.

Spend your time with a post-op recovery buddy

Breast augmentation has an extremely high success rate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a major surgery. Just like you would with any serious operation, have a post-op recovery buddy ready to spend the next 48 hours taking care of you.

Prepare extra pillows and blankets in advance

Many breast augmentation patients describe the post-op experience as ‘like having a weight strapped to their chest.’ Keep your back and shoulders stable by propping up your upper body with pillows, comforters, and sofa cushions.

Wear a comfortable, adjustable sports bra

Everyday bras may look better than their athletic counterparts, but they’re far too light to help you after a breast augmentation. Buy a zip-up sports bra – preferably one that can be adjusted very easily – to enjoy post-op support and comfort.

Keep food, drinks, and medication at arm’s length

After a breast augmentation, the last thing you’ll want to do is raise your arms. Not only does raising your arms hurt a lot due to the implant moving in its pocket, but it also increases the risk of scarring. Keep medication, food, and refreshments within arm’s length so that you’ll never have to stretch to keep yourself satiated.

Try to walk around, but don’t push yourself

The quicker you can return to normal life, the less your post-op recovery will affect you. While it’s very unwise to rush into strenuous exercise or heavy lifting following a breast augmentation, getting up and walking around is a great way to get back to your normal schedule after your operation.

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