Dr. Partington’s Bolivia Trip

By on May 18, 2016 in Bolivia

Dr. Partington is currently in Bolivia with ReSurge International! Here is an update on his travel:

The teams flight got delayed out of San Francisco with no connection to La Paz. The team of Doctors were worried that the patients who were to see them on the first day would not get treated. Luckily, after arriving near midnight with a huge amount of equipment to babysit American Airlines held the flight for them which allowed all to make the intended flight.  They safely landed on a clear day 47 degrees altitude, 13,000 ft air is thin yet they all arrived safe.


Getting ready for the team to help them

image000000 (1)

A little treat to cheer this little one up


The second patient for the day, what an adorable little girl

image000000 (2)

Same little girl and her mom

image000000 (3)

Same little girl showing her hand congenital deformity

image000000 (4)

This little boy, Gian, age 4 was the team’s first patient. He suffered from hand congenital deformity and really needed the help from the Resurge Doctors!

image000000 (5)

Same little boy, Gian being attended to by the ReSurge team including Dr. Partington

image000001 (1)

This 7 year old girl who was burned at one month, this after her mother died at childbirth. She suffered from a terrible burn scar contracture which Dr. Partington fixed. If you want hope, do hopeful things….Love Dr. P

image000000 (6)

This first little girl was born without proper bones in her hand and forearm. She has no thumb and her wrist is bent at 90 degrees. We straightened her out and soon will make a thumb. Penned from Bolivia – Dr. P

image000000 (7)

This man is named Marcello and he has worked at the animal refuge for over 20 year… he speaks monkey 🙂 I was able to visit him and all of his friends during my most adventurous bike ride!!

image000000 (8)

image000000 (9)

image000001 (2)

Bolivia Yoga anyone?


Dr. Partington got the day off for rest and relaxation, what did he do???? Our dare-devil Doctor biked down the most dangerous road ‘Death Road’ or ‘Camino de la muerte.!’ Over 85,000 people have perished on this mountain pass since built in 1942, several in the past two weeks! The descent is more than 11,800 feet and over 40 miles of downhill riding through mist, low cloud and dust. The kicker is that this narrow dirt road is carved precariously into the side of a mountain with 3,300 feet of sheer drop offs and hulking rock overhangs. But no worries, he has been there, done that and got the T-Shirt!

image000000 (11)

image000001 (4)

image000001 (3)



The universal sign in Bolivia for Llama!

unnamed (15)

Sitting on top of the world, meditating. It was the most prolific experience, Love Dr. P

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La Paz is the world’s highest capital city at an altitude of 3,600ft. That means three things…. First the city is in the Guinness book of world records, second it’s cold and third you are out of breath if you walk up two stairs or a steep road. It could also explain the nausea that I have experienced my first few days here!

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The many faces of the children that we are here to heal and help. Our ReSurge team of Doctors are working around the clock to attend to as  many children as we can. Their sweet little faces inspire and encourage all to do as much as we possibly can – Dr. P.

image000000 (13)

image000002 (2)

image000000 (14)

This is a really troubles little hand. We were able to make him a thumb!

image000000 (15)



image000006 (1)

Another darling soul with challenges…..today we will create a thumb

image000000 (16)

Another darling soul with challenges…..today we will create a thumb




This little beagle followed us from our hotel to the military hospital where we work, and joined the ranks!

image000000 (17)


Story of our lives excess (too many thumbs) or want (no thumb) as in the previous patient. Both of these kids were born with birth defects….one with 2 thumbs on one hand the other had amniotic constriction bands which formed in the uterus. They are like threads in the uterine sack fluid which can tragically wrap around the fetus before birth and choke off appendages, like fingers, so they never develop.

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image000001 (7)




Another successful surgery completed – we operated on 56 souls – Will now travel safely home

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