What is Skin Growth Removal?

Although most moles, skin tags, and other skin growths do not require treatment, most patients choose to remove them for cosmetic reasons or because of discomfort. I is important to examine each skin growth to determine whether a biopsy is necessary for pre-cancerous lesions. Most skin growths are benign and amenable to simple surgical removal by our surgeon at Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center.

The Procedure

Skin tags may be meticulously removed under local anesthesia using a scalpel or surgical scissors and some moles can be shaved off, without damaging the surrounding areas. Moles may have grown underneath the skin and in this case, a deeper incision is necessary to remove the entire mole.  Meticulous attention to detail yields the most minimal scarring.

The Recovery

There is generally minimal or no downtime required with this simple procedure. If a biopsy shows that it is pre-cancerous, it may be a more complex removal process that may require aftercare treatments.

Our goal is to provide this procedure as simply and comfortably as possible. If you have an annoying skin growth, whether it is a mole, skin tag, or unusual growth, contact us today about skin growth removal and schedule your consultation.

The Financing

Our office accepts a range of financing options including:


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