Seattle Plastic Surgery: What Makes a Good Doctor?

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Whether you’re planning botox or liposuction, choosing the right Seattle plastic surgery clinic is essential for getting the best results from your procedure. From post-op care to pre-op nervousness, a good plastic surgeon can make a world of difference while you’re receiving cosmetic treatments.

Finding the right plastic surgeon, however, isn’t always easy. Simplify your search for the perfect doctor by looking for these three fantastic characteristics when you meet with potential plastic surgeons:

A history of happy patients

Good plastic surgeons have return clients and happy patients. If you’re referred to a plastic surgeon by a friend or relative, you can expect to receive great service. After all – no one would recommend a doctor that they weren’t personally happy with.

If you’ve found a doctor that you think will be a good match for your needs, look at their reviews online. Plastic surgery forums are a great place to find opinions on the top clinics, making it easy for you to spot the city’s best doctors.

Great post-operative care

There’s far more to plastic surgery than just the operation. Post-operative care is one of the most important parts of the plastic surgery process, helping you reduce scarring, prevent ongoing injuries, and limit potential side effects.

If a certain doctor has a reputation for stonewalling patients after their operation, it’s generally worth avoiding them. Look for post-op care reports and pick a doctor that’s just as good after the operation as they are during it.

Board certification and a great record

It’s always best to pick a plastic surgeon that’s certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Board certification ensures that your plastic surgeon has spent the required time training for their occupation, and has all relevant qualifications.

As well as searching for a board certified doctor, it’s worth looking at your doctor’s medical records for any disciplinary actions or issues. Great doctors shouldn’t have any serious issues on their record, indicating that they’re skilled and attentive.

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