Newton’s First Law and Recovery from Surgery

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Recovery from  a surgery, like a breast augmentation, a breast reduction or breast lift, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and other surgeries, can be related to the commercial about arthritis that says, “A body at rest tends to stay at rest”.  This is Newton’s First Law of Motion (remember physics in school) which states that, “a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it’.

“What has that got to do with recovery from surgery?” you ask, actually a lot.  Physical therapy, sports medicine and arthritis research have all clearly shown that motion starting right after helps to both heal and significantly reduce pain.  Yes, that is how pro athletes are getting back to their sport so fast!

We used to speak of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) after an injury or surgery but that has changed. The RICE protocol has now been shown to actually slow down recovery.  The new acronym is MEAT.

  • Movement:  Starting almost right away after the surgery or injury.
  • Exercise:  Gentle range of motion exercises should begin as soon as possible.
  • Anti-inflammatories:  These medications help reduce swelling as well as pain.
  • Treatment:  For cosmetic surgery treatment is usually gentle massage when necessary.

Rapid recovery from surgery is becoming an accepted clinical pathway or treatment option.  The entire protocol has been designed to help you to quickly return to your regular activities of daily living. This includes:

  • Pre-operative preparation with specific instructions for you to be aware of what you need to do over the first 24 hours and longer after the surgery.
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques to help reduce not only the scar but the amount of tissue damage and bleeding .   This reduces swelling and bruising that can impede recovery from surgery.
  • Post-operative routines that include M.E.A.T.

From a surgeon’s perspective these protocols reduce the risk for you the patient. This is not only good for you but also for me, the surgeon because I can sleep better at night not having to worry as much about you and the potential complications.

I am applying this to all of my surgical procedures now and we are seeing incredible results.  The office called one patient the day after her breast augmentation and she said she could not talk for long as she was headed out to lunch with her friends (not even 24 hours after surgery)!!!  Another patient had a facelift plus the long term filler Artefill to remove the bags under her eyes and she was out socializing at 7 days looking terrific. She is thoroughly thrilled.

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